Moondog: Viking of Sixth Avenue

Honest Jon's

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The Viking of Sixth Avenue is a compilation album by Moondog, released by Honest Jon's on July 10, 2005. It was the first compilation of Moondog's music that spanned his entire music career over several music labels. The compilation was praised by various publications including The Guardian, AllMusic and All About Jazz who all proclaimed it as the perfect introductory release for new listeners.

The music of The Viking of Sixth Avenue has been described as varied, with Sean Westergaard noting that the music ranged from "full orchestras to solo performances and from brief rhythmic percussion exercises to vocal rounds to swinging horns or dulcimers." David Peschek of The Guardian described the music as "almost jazz" and that it contained "his pieces for percussion, brass and the odd howling canine, and occasional, madrigal-like songs".
The recordings on the album span from Moondog's recordings from 1949 to 1995.


  1. Theme and Variations
  2.  Down Is Up, for Chamber Ensemble
  3.  Bumbo
  4.  Big Cat, Sextet
  5.  Oo Debut, Solo
  6.  Lament 1 ("Bird's Lament")
  7.  Moondog's Symphony 1 (Timberwolf)
  8.  Moondog's Symphony 2 (Sagebrush)
  9.  Rabbit Hop
  10. Rimshot
  11.  Snaketime Rhythm
  12. Instrumental Round
  13. Double Bass Duo
  14. Why Spend a Dark Night with Me, for Chamber Ensemble
  15. All Is Loneliness, for Chamber Ensemble
  16. Snaketime Rhythm
  17. Dragon's Teeth
  18. Oboe Round
  19. Be a Hobo, for Chamber Ensemble
  20. Dog Trot, for Saxophone Ensemble & Percussion
  21. Oasis
  22. Avenue of the Americas
  23. 2 w 46th Street
  24. Lullaby (2 w 46th Street)
  25. Fog on the Hudson (425 w 57th Street)
  26. Utsu
  27. On and Off the Beat
  28. Chant
  29. From One to Nine
  30. Improvisation in 4/4
  31. Enough About Human Rights!
  32. Viking, for Celesta & Percussion
  33. Rimshot
  34. Chaconne in G Major
  35. Oasis
  36. Invocation