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Mild Orange


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NZ’s own worldly indie-pop band, Mild Orange, have amassed near 100 million streams globally since their independent debut album Foreplay released in 2018, featuring their breakout single ‘Some Feeling’, which has had over 23 million views on YouTube. Proving that they’re no one-hit-wonder, their second album spawned the popular single “Freak In Me” amongst other groovers.

Mild Orange teamed up with master of candlelit vibes and fragrances, LUCY KING, to create these Mild Orange scented candles. They're incredible. After some back and forth, smelling, dining, hosting and chilling, they landed on this beautiful candle that'll be a surefire vibe setter. Light one while listening to MO vinyl for optimal synchronised flame dance. 

Product Details
  • Handmade by LUCY KING in Queenstown, New Zealand
  • Natural soy wax scented candle in glass jar
  • Pairs exceptionally well with MO vinyl, tea and some good company.
  • Contains essential oils of orange, birch, cade, cinnamon, vetiver, cedar and blood orange
  • Please reuse or recycle the jar.
  • Lasts approx. 55 hours (or 79 play-throughs of Foreplay).
  • Ready to ship worldwide. Expect delays these days.
  • Find more of our mates goodies at Lucy King at