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Goodbye Boozy

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"Jacob Gardner and his gang, the Indianapolis outfit known as Raw McCartney do a last minute run through of their filthy garage punk set... They're simply going by Raw McCartney today but the group, headed by Gardner, has had several incarnations since its birth. This night is no different. From the initial lineup, known as Raw McCartyney's Pussy Eater, to the more recent Raw McCartney's Fried Family Band - which featured two of every instrumnet - the group's revolving lineup of local music buddies holds tight to a carefree spirit through riotous rock and roll. Originally recording simple tracks on his cell phone, Gardner admits Raw McCartney started out as a joke. But as one gnarly guitar riff led to another, he began to find Raw McCartney fulfilling on multiple levels. I guess the sloppiness and disregard for production quality attracted me... "
- Andrew Tolley