Operation Doomsday (Reissue)



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MF DOOM’s debut studio LP ‘Operation: Doomsday’ is one of those records that often appears on ‘best of the 90s’ lists. Released in 1999, this album established DOOM as one of the most original and vibrant voices in hip-hop’s underground. DOOM proves himself both an unparalleled wordsmith and highly dexterous producer here (the record is almost exclusively produced by Metal Fingers, DOOM’s beat-maker moniker). Gritting up A Tribe Called Quest’s jazz-rap style with shades of the RZA’s classic output, ‘Operation: Doomsday’ is an album for the ages.


- Disc 1 -
1 The Time We Faced Doom
2 Doomsday
3 Rhymes Like Dimes (Feat. DJ Cucumber Slice)
4 The Finest (Feat. Tommy Gunn)
5 Back in the Days
6 Go with the Flow
7 Tick Tock (Feat. MF Grimm)
8 Red & Gold
9 The Hands of Doom
- Disc 2 -
1 Doom, Are You Awake
2 Hey
3 Operation Greenbacks (Feat. Megalon & King Geedoarh)
4 The Mic
5 The Mystery of Doom
6 Dead Bent
7 Gas Drawls
8 Question Mark (Feat. Kurious Jorge)
9 Hero Vs Villain