Show of Hands O.S.T.

Arch Hill


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Available on CD. Don McGlashan composed and oversaw the soundtrack featuring performances by himself and his band The Seven Sisters, with guests including Anika Moa, Reb Fountain, Voom, James Ioelu, Sean Donnelly and more.

The soundtrack was recorded at Roundhead Studios in Auckland and mixed by Tom Miskin.

Track Listing:

  1. Opening
  2. For Your Touch
  3. Falling Or Flying Instrumental
  4. New Start
  5. Time Change
  6. Tayshawn's Run
  7. Sleep Deprivation
  8. Libera Me
  9. Walters Death/Twins' Comeuppance
  10. Mall Washroom
  11. On The Road
  12. World Records
  13. Falling Or Flying
  14. For Your Touch Instrumental
  15. Wreckers
  16. B Your Boy