Dean Spanley O.S.T

Arch Hill


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Music composed and orchestrated by Don McGlashan from the Toa Fraser directed film, Dean Spanley. Performed by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Mark Taddei and Don McGlashan. Additional performances by Musica Sacra, the Seven Sisters and Kim Hegan.

"rolls along miraculously...borne aloft by Don McGlashan's attentive score". - New Statesman

Artist: Don McGlashan
Title: Dean Spanley O.S.T.
Label: Arch Hill Recordings
Format: CD

Track List:

1 Opening
2 Jerusalem, Swami Prash
3 Wrather Takes Leave
4 Whats Our Loss, Henslow Reflects
5 Truth Deferred, Wrathers Treasure
6 Pouring Tokay, More Things In Heaven And Earth
7 Justorum Animae (Byrd)
8 Remembering Wag, The Dream Dreams You
9 O Where Shall Wisdom Be Found (Boyce)
10 Wrather's Gramophone
11 Greatest Adventure
12 Marrakesh
13 One Of The Seven
14 End Credits