Martyr Privates

Bedroom Sucks


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"Martyr Privates havent come here to reinvent rock and roll; theyve come to show us why we fell in love with it in the first place. Ripping through 9 tracks on their debut LP, the band create a sonic attack that is forceful yet also subtle and beautiful. The record was crafted over late nights in an ex-tyre factory in Brisbanes north. One of Australias favourite audio engineers and Blank Realm guitarist Luke Walsh produced, with veteran sound artist Lawrence English mastering. The pedigree of personnel and their backgrounds in experimental and ambient music immediately relays an idea of the quality of sound in this record. While the band are expressly interested in rock music, they approach it with care and an interest in creating beautiful soundscapes, similar to their sonic predecessors, Spacemen 3. Principal songwriter Cameron Hawes (vocal, guitar) is known for his work in favourite garage trio I Heart Hiroshima, as well as swamp-dirge outfit Slug Guts. He is supported in Martyr Privates by Ashleigh Shipton (bass) and Sam Dixon (drums). Together, the three set about the task of playing pure, excellent rock music." - Bedroom Suck

Artist: Martyr Privates
Title: Martyr Privates
Year: 2014
Cat #: BSR-054
Format: LP


  1. Someone's Head
  2. Gold Chew
  3. You Can't Stop Progress
  4. Toe The Plank
  5. Something To Sell
  6. Yawning War
  7. Bless
  8. Rope & Tarp
  9. Sores