Damn, Look At The View

Vinyl LP (Clear)

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'Damn, Look at the View' is the debut 8 track LP from Pop Singer-Songwriter Martin Luke Brown. Marking a significant new era in both his musical career and life with a blissful, west coast inspired sound.

Awash with a palpable feeling of nostalgia and bittersweet reflection, Martin deals unapologetically with themes of love, loss and belonging on tracks like 'elsie' - a tribute to his hometown and childhood in Leicester, 'grateful' - a laid back, stream of consciousness love letter and 'love is a black hole !', the story of a relationship. Martin has released over 100 songs as either a co-writer or a producer, with BTS, Dylan, Jacob Banks, Gavin James, Greta Isaac, James Smith, Orla Gartland, Sody, Jack Kane. This album was recorded in Martin's home studio with producer and friend Matt Zara, available on a cloudy white LP.


1 Damn, Look at the View !
2 Grateful
3 Else
4 Walking on Air
5 Love Is a Black Hole !
6 Alright ?
7 *It Gets Better
8 See U Later X

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