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Marlin’s Dreaming’s third studio album Hasten is a 10 track return to its slower, melodic beginnings.

After the gritty post-rock angst of 2020’s Quotidian and 2018’s Talk On/Commic, Marlin’s Dreaming latest album leans into its signature shoe-gaze style and vulnerable, sardonic songwriting.

 Much of it stemming from a failed OE that sent lead singer Semisi back to the cloying grasps of his hometown, Dunedin, Hasten is a study on himself and the people around him. The kinds of characters he runs into at the local butcher, old friends that have since left, or in Showman, the album’s first track, his imaginary childhood friend.

Technically, as well as sonically, Hasten has also embraced its Dunedin home. It was recorded at Chicks Hotel, was produced and engineered by local musician Tom Bell (David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights, Shifting Sands) and the cover art is a painting of a lonely church in Millers flat, a couple of hours west of the city.


  1. Showman
  2. Trophies
  3. Monster
  4. Dogfight
  5.  Loodiloo
  6. Earth Dirt
  7.  Cliffs
  8.  Into the Rough
  9. Track 12
  10. Lumia