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Bubblegum is, in many respects, classic americana, at its simplest level, wide-screen loneliness, the sound of rattling boxcars and lungs, of dusty roads and endless journeys. the 15 original tracks feature guests pj harvey, queens of the stone age, izzy stardlin and dean ween. this is Mark Lanegan's crowning achievement in his long career.

Track List:

1. When Your Number Isn't Up
2. Hit the City
3. Wedding Dress
4. Methamphetamine Blues
5. One Hundred Days
6. Bombed
7. Strange Religion
8. Sideways in Reverse
9. Come to Me
10. Like Little Willie John
11. Can't Come Down
12. Morning Glory Wine
13. Head
14. Driving Death Valley Blues
15. Out of Nowhere