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Marissa Nadler - Flying Out


Marissa Nadler

Box Of Cedar

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Marissa Nadler's diligently expanded her reach as a writer and arranger during the past decade, culminating so far in the expansive sounds of 2009's Little Hells and the subtly twisting forms of this new eponymous album. But she's part of that caste of American songwriters who don't make music grand enough to be Joanna Newsom or Bon Iver, brazen enough to be Fleet Foxes. Rather, her contemporaries might be considered Richard Buckner, Doug Paisley, Alela Diane, and Bill Callahan-- really good songwriters who can get lost in the current indie climate, or, as Mike Powell wrote about Callahan earlier this year, folks who might "have nothing to add to the general conversation about music in 2011."

These are writers sitting on terrific strings of records, yet remaining relatively unnoticed. Once again, though, Nadler has maintained and etched out yet another album of cold, stony truths about the ways we love, or fail to. Pitchfork 8.1

Artist: Marissa Nadler
Title: Marissa Nadler
Label: Box Of Cedar
Cat #: C001
Year: 2011
Format: LP


  1. In Your Lair, Bear
  2. Alabaster Queen
  3. Sun Always Reminds Me of You
  4. Mr. John Lee Revisited
  5. Baby, I Will Leave You in the Morning
  6. Puppet Master
  7. Wind Up Doll
  8. Wedding
  9. Little King
  10. In a Magazine
  11. Daisy, Where Did You Go?



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