MARINEVILLE - Penguins Ate My Chips – Flying Out
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Penguins Ate My Chips

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STAFF PICK "Been enjoying throwing back to this indie-rocking gem from Mark Williams and co. Good times in the capital city!" Matthew Crawley

Recorded between 2011-13 by then-band members Mark Williams, Greg Cairns, Jeremy Coubrough, and Denise Roughan, this is the 4th MarineVille studio album.

Penguins Ate My Chips is the most punchy and direct collection of songs in the MV canon thus far, and a handful of copies have been unearthed that we think you just might enjoy.


1. 75 Watts Frosted
2. 15 Wax Tears 
3. Semiotic Rock 
4. Nick the Sulk 
5. Cuckoo 
6. Linseed (The Call) 
7. The Furniture 
8. Jack Hughes 
9. Face 
10. Eat Toast 
11. Dear Florence 
12. Mick's in the Clink