Mercurial World

Vinyl LP

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This album comes as a follow-up to their latest EP, A Little Rhythm and a Wicked Feeling, which was released on North America’s COVID-19 Eve, March 13, 2020. With their sold-out tours with Kero Kero Bonito and Yumi Zouma canceled, Magdalena Bay found a way to do the impossible: thrive in isolation, transcend the endless doom scroll, and capture people’s attention while they were stuck indoors. As the duo have always been Extremely Online, they were uniquely primed to meet the moment, and used social platforms to organically build a dedicated following and dispatch their music in hypnotic, ephemeral bursts. From cult brochures mailed to unsuspecting fans and an immersive y2k-inspired website, to easter-eggs scattered throughout videos, Magdalena Bay has engineered a rich visual world surrounding their debut album. The result is the ridiculously good and otherworldly Mercurial World, and Magdalena Bay invites you to join them in it.   


1. The End 
2. Mercurial World 
3. Dawning of the Season 
4. Secrets (Your Fire) 
5. You Lose!
6. Something For 2 
7. Chaeri 
8. Halfway 
9. Hysterical Us
10. Prophecy 
11. Follow The Leader
12. Domino 
13. Dreamcatching 
14. The Beginning 

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