Mac DeMarco Bundle

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This bundle includes 4 of Mac DeMarco's releases...
Rock and Roll Night Club
Salad Days
Another One

Mac Demarco, formerly known as Makeout Videotape, is the anti-thesis to you stereotypical singer-songwriter. Disregarding the seriously somber moments Rock and Roll Night Club, he refuels throughout with whimsical moments and youthful spontaneity whilst retaining the endearing and subtle commentaries that exude his familiarity.

Making honest art can be terrifying; with 2, Montreal-based Mac DeMarco's second release, it feels like he's jumping into the deep end. On DeMarco's other 2012 record, the EP Rock and Roll Night Club, he tinkered with yacht rock, AM radio gold, and Bowie-like glam. The mixture injected an unsettling sleaziness into a funny, occasionally creepy collection of songs that walked the line between irony and sincerity.

Salad Days is the follow up to 2012's lauded Mac DeMarco 2 which saw the Edmonton local propelled into the limelight. Written and recorded around a relentless tour schedule (which picked up all over again as soon as the LP was done), Salad Days gives the listener a very personal insight into what it's all about to be Mac amidst the craziness of a rising career in a very public format. 

Mac Demarco, seems to be releasing a classic every year (or less) and Another One is a mini-LP following on from Salad Days. Conceived and recorded entirely by himself in a short period between a relentless tour schedule, Another One is eight, freshly written songs, expanding the arsenal of Mac's already impressive catalogue.