Vindication Blues




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Vindication Blues, the sophomore album by Luckless, is now available on Vinyl for the first time in New Zealand.

Luckless is the sometime-solo project, sometime-band spearheaded by Ivy Rossiter, currently based in Berlin after spending 2015 touring throughout Europe. Vindication Blues is Luckless' second full-length album, and this is her first vinyl release. An album that draws inspiration from 90s heroes PJ Harvey, Mark Lanegan and Sparklehorse, while reaching out to contemporary touchstones The Kills and Warpaint; the music is poised somewhere between the ethereal haze of indie folk and the propulsive drive of alt-rock, building on 2012s self-titled debut, with a record of great emotional breadth and musical scope.

Displacement and disillusion feature prominently throughout Vindication Blues; heartbreak, and a move from the grey city of Auckland to the portside, quake-stricken town of Lyttelton, provided Rossiter with inspiration aplenty. One winter and many bottles of whiskey later, Luckless took a flock of new songs to co-producer and engineer Ben Edwards at The Sitting Room, where the was recorded, then mixed by Olly Harmer at The Lab and mastered by Angus McNaughton.

While now based in Berlin, Luckless is excited to celebrate this beautiful vinyl offering on sale in New Zealand for the first time. The album is beautifully packaged in a luscious photo sleeve, complete with lyrics and a free download of the album included with every sale. This download also includes the bonus track ‚No Civil War, released in November 2015.


beautifully controlled, almost sculpted music... but thats only one side of Luckless, and Rossiters other mode is more defiant than defeated... atmospheric and dynamic, and perfectly suited to songs Id describe as lusty and lyrical, but hardly Luckless.
- Nick Bollinger, Radio New Zealand

"Vindication Blues... is the sound of the natural world coming through the artificial overlay of society. Raw, heartfelt, primal emotions crack through false politeness, like flowers cracking through concrete, revealing something real and powerful amidst the desolation of superficiality." - The Equal Ground


  1. Telephone Song
  2. Port In A Storm
  3. When You Asked Her To Stay
  4. Road Retreats
  5. Better Than Being Blue
  6. Dry Eyes
  7. Cities Of Salt
  8. Paperskin
  9. All I want Is Sleep
  10. Comfort Hotel
  11. Hard As I Try