Vinyl LP

Wellington saxophone luminary Lucien Johnson brings together a host of Aotearoa's top jazz players on Wax///Wane. Fans of both Alice and John Coltrane will get their kicks here, with Johnson's sax moments coloured with harp, vibraphone, double bass, and percussion - Flying Out

Wax///Wane is a new album by Lucien Johnson made up of six compositions about the moon and other wonders. It features an intriguing ensemble: John Bell on vibraphone and Michelle Velvin on harp create shimmering, impressionistic landscapes while the towering rhythm section of Tom Callwood on double bass, Cory Champion (Clear Path Ensemble / Borrowed CS) on drums and Riki Piripi on percussion provide gravity through their smouldering grooves. Johnson’s saxophone, described by Jazz in Paris as “lyrical as Coltrane, as powerful as Rollins”, soars above the ensemble, bringing mystique and aura to these unique pieces, themselves a study in light and shade.

Born in Wellington, New Zealand, Lucien Johnson lived in Paris throughout his 20s, forming a free jazz trio with Alan Silva and Makoto Sato ("Stinging Nettles", Improvised Beings CD). Returning to New Zealand in 2009, he has led several bands including Shogun Orchestra and performed around the world with acts such as Lord Echo and the Black Seeds.


  1. Magnificent Moon
  2. Dawn
  3. Blue Rain
  4. Forest Rendezvous
  5. Rubicon
  6. Awa