Nothing Is Still

Ninja Tune


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*** Limited Edition Vinyl is pressed on Black Heavyweight Vinyl,  and is accompanyied by a novella written by Max Sztyber & Leon Vynehall and a 60 x 40 Poster Housed in a Hard Back Box ***

Having kept quiet for the past couple of years, Leon Vynehall breaks his silence by signing to Ninja Tune and delivering his long-awaited debut album Nothing Is Still  - a record that sees him digging deeper into the family history that has always inspired his most iconic tracks, whilst returning to his own musical roots.

With a discography to date that boasts one of the very greatest 3024 releases plus a string of 12"s for labels including Aus, Clone, Rush Hour and Running Back. Nothing Is Still sees Vynehall expanding his production into much broader areas than ever before.

The art direction and design has been expertly handled by Trevor Jackson.

Nothing Is Still really picks up the baton left by Leon Vynehall's much loved EPs Rojus (Designed to Dance) and of course, Music for the Uninvited. Yet the pulse of Nothing Is Still has been streamlined to a continuous near perfect flow of mood and emotion. Nothing Is Still is as euphorically uplifting as it is trance-inducing.