Chant Darling (Reissue)

Honorary Bedouin Records


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Previously only ever been available on the tiny little CD format, or the weirdly invisible digital format, Lawrence Arabia's magnum opus Chant Darling is finally getting the LP sized respect it deserves, with the limited-edition vinyl reissue out at last! Featuring stone cold classics like the award-winning national anthem Apple Pie Bed, as well smash-hit singles Auckland CBD Pt 2The Beautiful Young Crew, and seven other total gems.
Remastered for vinyl by Angus McNaughton at Auralux Mastering in Ōtepoti/Dunedin, pressed by Holiday Records, Tāmaki Makaurau/Auckland.


  1. Look Like A Fool
  2. The Undesirables
  3. Apple Pie Bed
  4. Auckland CBD Part Two
  5. The Beautiful Young Crew
  6. Eye A
  7. The Crew Of The Commodore
  8. Fine Old Friends
  9. I've Smoked Too Much
  10. Dream Teacher