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Last Night On The Planet - Flying Out


Last Night On The Planet

Ninja Tune

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“I’ve always had a fascination with being the last person on the planet – waking up one day and everyone is gone. I think it’s probably linked to watching the film “Quiet Earth” when I was a kid. With the album being called Last Night On The Planet I like to consider these tracks individually, each moment for a different person: the smokers, the headphone folk, the dancers etc.”

Last Night On The Planet runs ten tracks deep and crosses vast territory - hip-hop (featuring raps from Rejjie Snow and Stones Throw’s Pyramid Vritra), to straight-up four-to-the-floor house trax, uptempo ‘80s R&B-inspired dancefloor heaters, and deeper, introspective downtempo moments (blessed by Jed & Lucia of Ubiquity Records).

First single Shanel (“downsampled and processed through an old rack sampler for that CRUNCH”) nods to Andy and Rich’s love of 80s R&B productions by the late great Kashif (RIP), Rene & Angela and Glenn Jones; ‘Rich & Dan’ harks back to timeless early ‘ette chops; widescreen epic ‘Rubu’ utilises minutely detailed sample reconstruction techniques and subtly nods to footwork and rave euphoria; and uptempo heaters ‘Frugaloo’ and ‘Dog Brush’ were the joyful product of late night one-take jam sessions: “Me and Rich listened to ‘Dog Brush’ about 40 times on repeat after we made it – it always feels more instant and natural when tracks come together quickly.”



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