We Famous

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Sorie Kondi, Chief Boima (INTL BLK) and Will LV join forces once more for another essential dose of Freetown freestyle.

Following on from their Salone album in 2016 and the massive single Yeanoh, the new recordings further hone the group’s unique fusions of Sorie Kondi’s inimitable vocals and the kondi thumb piano with intricate dancefloor electronics. The album was gradually recorded over a period of four years with Sorie on the road in Belgium, Spain and Canary Islands with the main production collaboration between Boima in Los Angeles and Will in London. The result is a varied and colourful set of tracks infusing Boima and Will’s wide-ranging dancefloor influences. Infectious first single She Doesn’t Love You features guest vocalist Mariama Jalloh speaking home truths about rejection while future 4/4 dancefloor anthem It’s God’s World. features a mighty bassline from prolific L.A. musician / producer Sweatson Klank. The Sweetness Is Gone ramps up the dub and sound system energy while How Will It Be For Me In This World sparkles on a bed of electronic textures and kondi lines. 


1. We Famous (introduction)
2. Don’t Follow Sweetness
3. Shake Your Tumba
4. She Doesn’t Love You feat. Mariama
5. It’s God’s World (So Don’t Do Bad)
6. Fatou
7. The Sweetness Is Gone
8. Everything That Sierra Leone Has
9. How Will it Be For Me In This World?
10. Got No Money, I Want You


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