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 Following a special vinyl release for this year’s Record Store Day celebrating its tenth anniversary, Crooked is reissued on black vinyl and CD. The album deals with the life-changing acupuncture therapy that cured her of illness to the melancholic Flooding that became a forewarning of the sudden death of close friend Vic Chesnutt. Mainstay in her recent live shows, Mississippi Kite is snarly and unsettling whilst the spectral psychedelic tones of Rubidoux stem from a 50foot Wave car ride and a late-night recording session. The songs still lead the way hitting Hersh fully formed but it’s her beguiling raspy vocals paired with guitar, and any other instrument that she chose to play on this album, that has a beautiful intensity that’s jarring, unpredictable and inherent in her music.


1. Moan
2. Sand
3. Glass
4. Mississippi Kite
5. Fortune
6. Coals
7. Crooked
8. Krait
9. Flooding
10. Rubidoux

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