Sonic Super Free Hi-Fi

Flying Nun

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Artist: King Loser
Title: Super Sonic Free Hi-Fi
Label:‚Flying Nun Records
Year: 1995
Cat #: FN299
Formats: Digital

Band Members: Celia Mancini, Chris Heazelwood, Duane Zarakov, Peter Jeffries, James Kirk, Sean O' Reilly


  1. Neurons
  2. Shadow On My Tail
  3. Surf Lost
  4. Most Avid Sonic Spectrum
  5. Pretty Pretty
  6. Dick Dale
  7. Never A Thought
  8. Surfarama
  9. Vultura
  10. Dawn
  11. Spy 1
  12. Dead Fish
  13. Stairway To Heaven
  14. Exit The King