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Kenny Sterling

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These songs reflect a (still ongoing) process of finding an identity, and how I am indebted to navigate the place I call home, Tāmaki Makaurau.

Drawing inspiration from heartbreak to reflect on one's self is a trope that definitely shaped my perspective of music. (for which I must acknowledge the importance of Soul music and the immeasurable talent of the Black musicians that pioneered it)

Both the music that has been released and the musicians which make up the Auckland music scene greatly impacted this record. Through the excitement and pride of friends & other musicians nurturing their projects until release, as well as helping play on Symphony Of Streetlights drove home the importance of fostering a scene and making sure it operates on the respect and support between everyone.

It was written contextually, during a time of seeking the history of the whenua I walk upon, acknowledging and understanding my privilege, and role in society, as a Pākeha inhabitant.

I'm a sucker for love songs, so you'll find those, and some more contentious, observational songs, but deep rooted in them all is a reflection of my surroundings and people.

Aroha nui,
Matt Hunter


1. First Light 
2. Lady Red 
3. Mountain Dreams 
4. Seismic Commotion 
5. Scrambled Messages
6. Talking In Circles
7. Evening Shadows 
8. Last Light (Ft. carla camilleri) 
9. Symphony Of Streetlights