Bordeaux Concert


Bordeaux Concert is a special document from Keith Jarrett’s last European tour.

Each of Jarrett’s 2016 solo piano concerts had its own strikingly distinct character, and in Bordeaux the lyrical impulse is to the fore. In the course of this improvised suite, many quiet discoveries are made, and there is a touching freshness to the music as a whole, a feeling of intimate communication. Reviewing the July 2016 performance, the French press spoke of hints of the 
Köln Concert and Bremen-Lausanne in the flow of things, and extended sections of Bordeaux are beguilingly beautiful.

Tender songs are pulled from the air, “rousing a community of listening at the edge of silence”, as 
Le Monde put it, “an awareness of time out from the noise and weariness of the world.”


1. Part I
2. Part II
3. Part III
4. Part IV
5. Part V
6. Part VI
7. Part VII
8. Part VIII
9. Part IX
10. Part X
11. Part XI
12. Part XII
13. Part XIII