Muggers In The Street (2015 Reissue)

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Originally known as Junior Soul, Junior Murvin started his recording career in the mid 1960's recording for producers Sonia Pottinger and Derrick Harriott amongst others, before changing his name and hooking up with Lee Perry a decade later to record the mammoth Police And Thieves album which was released on Island Records.

He went on to record for Joe Gibbs and Mikey Dread before landing in the pre digital dancehall era in 1984 with the album in question - Muggers In The Street. After the 1986 Apartheid album he recorded tracks for King Tubby, Bobby Digital and in more recent times, recorded with some UK and European based labels and producers as well as trying his hand at self-production.


Side A
1. Judas And Jesus
2. Champagne And Wine
3. Jahovah's Children
4. Strikes And Demonstrations
5. Muggers In The Street

Side B
1. Stop The Crime
2. Jamaican Girls
3. Hook Line And Sinker
4. Think Twice
5. I'll Follow You