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— 12" includes four tracks pressed loudly at 45rpm and download card with the full mix and individual tracks.
— Mix CD contains Josey's full, continuous mix.

Plenty of lore is out there about Josey’s journey as a club DJ with a glinting reputation the world over. Her style is broadly and essentially UK (especially from a US vantage), in content and mixing. But she doesn’t simply follow a school; her methods are always responsive to the track at hand. Josey lets “the tunes speak – or shout, or whisper – for themselves [giving] them space to breathe.” Within this framework she allows tracks with both complementary and dissonant elements to meet, run over each other, break apart, or just brush each other by.

Josey in Space reflects this finesse and versatility across twenty selections, a number of which will see their digital debut inside and outside of Josey's mix as standalone cuts.

Side A (45 RPM)
A1. Fotomachine - BBoy (4:56)
A2. Shy One - Route II Romeos (6:05)

Side B (45 RPM)
B1. Access 58 - Jazz Drama (6:44)
B2. Rogue Unit - Dance Of The Sarooes (Nookie Remix) (6:27)

01. DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess – Dub (Dub) (2:29)
02. rRoxymore – What’s The Plan (4:50)
03. Tenesha The Wordsmith Feat. Daniel B. Summerhill – I Dream So Loud (4:58)
04. Afrodeutsche – Phase Two (4:19)
05. Fotomachine – BBoy (4:56)
06. Brassfoot – Kingu’s Sceptre (5:14)
07. Automation – Electricity (4:33)
08. Hieroglyphic Being – Bird Songs 4 Amelie (7:36)
09. Uschi Classen With Robert Owens – Only In Your Eyes (Nwachukwu Innervision 1) (6:18)
10. Titonton Duvante – Avenues (5:47)
11. Reggie Dokes – Piano Seduction (5:40)
12. Nubian Mindz – Sunrise 777 (5:55)
13. Rum & Black – Zombies At Dawn (5:33)
14. Loraine James – Glitch Bitch (3:13)
15. Shy One – Route II Romeos (6:05)
16. Access 58 – Jazz Drama (6:44)
17. Andrés - Café Con Léché (3:13)
18. Molinaro – Amber Beach (7:44)
19. Rogue Unit – Dance Of The Sarooes (Nookie Remix) (6:27)
20. Lex Amor – Praises (2:54)

RIYL: Deep Echoes, DJ Overdose, Tai Davis

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