Jordan Ireland With Purple Orchestra


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Jordan Ireland with Purple Orchestra (which is the name of the album and the name of the band) is the latest work from Jordan Ireland, former guitarist and songwriter of The Middle East. It follows his largely undiscovered debut solo album Temperate Touch & Tropical Tears under the hard-to-google moniker Stolen Violin.

The album comes as the result of two years spent recording between his home studio in Stanwell Park, and with Greg Walker (Machine Translations) just outside Melbourne. The process saw Ireland methodically build layer upon layer of intricate detail, each piece still founded on his deftly endearing songwriting. The result is nine enchanting, densely airy songs. Each piece, a different weave of drifting strings, african echoes, arhythmic strumming, the warm tolling of the hammer dulcimer, the deep creaky breaths of the pedal organ, muted piano and flute, and distant female voices constantly drifting in and out. It is a deep, considered cacophony which sees Ireland’s muffled voice rarely come to the fore. It truly is a different album on every listen.

“The pastoral psychedelica of early Pink Floyd or the gently soaring vocals of Kishi Bashi are fair comparisons, though Ireland’s songs are hazier and more diaphanous.” – Kate Hennessy, The Guardian


1. No Place For Rain
2. Saturn Song
3. Sunshine
4. Life In Circles
5. East Coaster
6. Ceremony In Purple
7. In Dreams
8. Melaleuca Grils
9. Blue World