Vinyl LP

Ubiquitous producer and keyboardist John Carroll Kirby presents Septet, a live instrumental jazz record featuring seven musicians who came together to perform Kirby's compositions in Los Angeles. The septet is comprised of John Carroll Kirby on keys, Tracy Wannomae on woodwinds, Logan Hone on woodwinds, Nick Mancini on vibraphone, John Paul Maramba on bass, David Leach on percussion, and Deantoni Parks on drums. Septet follows Kirby's solo debut for Stones Throw called My Garden and ambient album recently pressed to vinyl entitled Conflict, both released in 2020. This newest record adds another dimension to Kirby's refined propensity to create an unforgettable mood.


1. Rainmaker
2. P64 By My Side
3. Sensing Not Seeing
4. Swallow Tail
5. Weep
6. Jubilee Horns
7. The Quest of Chico Hamilton
8. Nucleo
9. Sensing Dub
10. Jubilee Dub
11. Nucleo Dub