Unfinished I




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Joe Sampson is no stranger to indie rock royalty on the DIY scale, having fronted Flying Nun noisemakers T54 and jangle pop darlings Salad Boys. His new project, as the name suggests, sees him collaborating with friends in an environment where boundaries are slackened, minds are wide open, and the recording meter is firmly in the red. The result is a rich, intelligent, and hooky mix of jangle pop, disco trash, slacker rock, garage fuzz, demo rock and everything else that's driven by a do-it-yourself ethos. Unfinished I is rough around the edges, but sugary sweet in the middle - every song has something to grab onto, but enough grit and attitude to ensure you're not selling out by enjoying it. Get yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile, turn the dial to 100, and zip off down the road to a blistering DIY rock soundtrack.


1. Carelessly
2. Dedication
3. Heading Downwards
4. Nerd Era
5. Consideration
6. Neil Levene
7. New Softy
8. Fucking Crazy Sh*t
9. Participating Restaurants
10. Parental Disapproval
11. Up and Up and Up and Up
12. There's An Unseen Risk
13. The Sad Bassist
14. Smashed Up Aeroplanes
15. Closet Shuffle