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I Like Rain: The Story of The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience - Flying Out


I Like Rain: The Story of The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience

Fire Records

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Thecomprehensive Jean-Paul Sartre Experience collection - I Like Rain: The Story of The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience, the 3 LPs and assembled bonus tracks showcase the group's best.

From wildly crashing Christmas parties, to watching the brilliant album that could have changed their fortunes sit on the shelf, and international tours that left them undone, the band evolved, for better or worse, with the shifting fortunes around them. Now you can experience the full story, both via all of their collected studio recordings, and an extensive and entertaining oral history culled from hours of interviews with the members.

Emerging with one of the definitive songs from the scene, I Like Rain, The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience began as a band filled with charm at every turn. Making the most of limited recording budgets to find inventive melodies, harmonies, and percussion, and combining them into unique and oddly joyous kiwipop gems. Besides trumpeting a new voice on the New Zealand musical landscape, they also brought us one of the greatest band names in the history of indie rock.

Love Songs captures all of those early EPs and singles, along with their earliest demos, that were previously delivered famously on cassettes in dog food tins. A dark and confident JPSE would emerge with the bracing The Size of Food, awaiting their big break overseas. This collects the US version of the album, including the crucial tracks Cut Out and Mothers. Also included as bonus tracks is the difficult and transitional Precious EP. Bleeding Star would see the songwriting axis shift, but also produce some of their strongest material. Able to embrace technology in the studio fully for the first time, the band vowed to make the most of their chance. Supported stateside by Matador Records, they would tour internationally, going from undeniably gleeful to slowly unraveling with each stop along the way. By the time they were ready to return to New Zealand, it was obvious that all four members would not be making this trip again. Bleeding Star collects the original album on LP for the first time, along with bonus tracks encompassing the final maxi-singles and EPs.

Fully re-mastered and re-packaged with aching care, I Like Rain: The Story of The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience will allow old fans and new audiences alike to be able to enjoy the sound of what makes The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience so special.

Artist: Jean Paul Sartre Experience
Title:I Like Rain: The Story of The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience
Cat #: FIRE357
Label: Fire Records / Flying Nun Records
Format: 3xLP box set and 3xCD set
Year: 2015

Track List:

Love Songs:

1 "Fish In The Sea"
2 "Own Two Feet"
3 "Firetime"
4 "Grey Parade"
5 "Loving Grapevine"
6 "Let There Be Love"
7 "Transatlantic Love Song"
8 "Einstein"
9 "All The Way Down"
10 "Jabberwocky"
11 "Crap Rap"
12 "I Like Rain"
13 "Flex "
14 "Let That Good Thing Grow"
15 "Bo Diddley "
16 "Waste of Time (Masked and Taped)"
17 "Masked and Taped (Masked and Taped)"
18 "Peaches and Cream (Masked and Taped)"
19 "Suzi Lustlady (Masked and Taped)"
20 "Fly (Masked and Taped)"
21 "Fatness (Masked and Taped)"

Size of Food:
1 "Inside and Out"
2 "Elemental"
3 "Slip"
4 "Shadows "
5 "Cut Out"
6 "Mothers "
7 "Get My Point"
8 "Gravel "
9 "Thrills"
10 "Window"
11 "Precious (Precious Single)"
12 "Crush (Precious Single)"
13 "Slip (Precious Single)"

Bleeding Star:

1 "Intro "
2 "Into You"
3 "Ray of Shine"
4 "I Believe In You"
5 "Spaceman"
6 "Still Can't Be Seen"
7 "Bleeding Star"
8 "Breathe"
9 "Modus Vivendi"
10 "Block"
11 "Angel "
12 "Up In The Sky (Breathe Single)"
13 "Kickback (Breathe Single)"
14 "Block (Breathe Single)"
15 "Shiver (Ray of Shine Single)"
16 "Into You (Freegard Mix) (Into You Single)"
17 "Into You (Stars On Into You Mix) (Into You Single)"
18 "Disappear (Into You Single)"
19 "Holdtight (Into You Single)"
20 "Own Too Feet (Into You Single)"


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