Di Doo Dah

Light In The Attic

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Di Doo Dah' is the first true solo album from British born actress, model, singer, mother, and French national treasure, Jane Birkin. Emerging as a creative and beatific force in London’s Swinging 60s, she met Parisian provocateur Serge Gainsbourg in 1968 on the film set of Slogan and birthed one of the most fantastic creative collaborations the world has ever known. After the 1969 duet album 'Je T’Aime… Moi Non Plus' and the landmark 'L’Histoire De Melody Nelson' Jane was ready for her own namesake debut. 'Di Doo Dah' sees Birkin, Gainsbourg, and co-conspirator Jean-Claude Vannier meld Jane’s fragile vocals with jazz, rock, and lush orchestral textures: a perfect album for living and loving. Light In The Attic’s definitive version of 'Di Doo Dah' is available for the first time in North America on 180-gram vinyl, with original artwork, unseen photographs, and extensive liner notes by renowned music journalist Andy Beta (Spin, The FADER). With full cooperation and insight from Birkin herself – not to mention French lyrics and English translations – this reissue truly allows listeners to delve into the album’s witty and frank world of sex, sin, voyeurism, motorcycles, Brighton, and banana boats.


  1. Di Doo Dah 
  2.  Help Camionneur !
  3. Encore Lui 
  4. Puisque Je Te Le Dis 
  5. Les Capotes Anglaises 
  6. Leur Plaisir Sans Moi 
  7. Mon Amour Baiser 
  8. Banana Boat 
  9. Kawasaki
  10. La Cible Qui Bouge 
  11. La Baigneuse De Brighton
  12. C'Est La Vie Qui Veut Ça