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Invincible Deluxe


Invincible Deluxe

Razored Raw

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Combining a love of video games and old movies with hardcore punk, Ghidrah emerged out of Hamilton in 1996. Invincible Deluxe was their debut album, originally released in 1997. To celebrate the album's 21st Anniversary, local label Razored Raw have re-released this album on cassette. 

Invincible Deluxe was self-produced using a digital eight track recorder, which band member Brian Holloway says he 'mortgaged his life to buy', and was mastered by Bob Frisbee (Street Chant, Beach Pigs, Rackets). Much like their songs, the band's dynamic was volatile and lifespan short with the trio splitting in 1997.

Track List:

  1. Red 8
  2. Beat Em Up
  3. Terror on the Midway
  4. Dragon Seeks Path
  5. 3Mile Mouth
  6. Pilot Error
  7. Ike Like Trike
  8. Reverse Arm Clutch Slum
  9. Triumphant Un
  10. The Old Rope-a-roney
  11. Indestrox
  12. Best Im Up
  13. Can't Undo
  14. Gran Corona
  15. Silver Mantis
  16. S.K.U.
  17. Good Gang Fu
  18. King of the Rocketmen
  19. Tunnel
  20. That's My Name, Don't Waste It
  21. Scrum-diddly-umptious
  22. Wall of Infinite Pain



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