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Holy Ghost


Holy Ghost

Boom Chick

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"Surprisingly worthwhile two-songer here from a band I know nothing about. Dead Ghosts inhabit the mid-ground betwixt Demon's Claws more country-rock stuff and maybe the Black Lips' more haunted 60s garage punk moments.

Really enjoyable, mellow but not wimpy and just low fi enough. I'm sure these guys (and others like Jacuzzi Boys, Estrogen Highs, Spread Eagles, even Demon's Claws perhaps) aren't trying t flat-out emulate the Black Lips (and they don't directly sound as if they are either), but I enjoy that bands are maybe using what the Lips have done over the past few years as a starting point or indirect influence to take those sounds (or just the same spirit) even further out. Maybe I'm reaching here. but I like that a great band can still influence and shape the musical landscape somewhat and inspire other groups hat aren't direct imitators but are still cut of the same cloth.

Anyway, Black Lips ripple-theorizing aside, this review is supposed to be about this Dead Ghosts' record, which I recommend purchasing on its own merits." - Andrew Tolley


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