Hoi' Polloi

Family Vineyard

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Family Vineyard and Folk Evaluation proudly present the first authorized LP reissue of Richmond, Indiana's fabled Hoi' Polloi. The band’s lone 1972 self-titled album, recorded over spring break at Earlham College by means of "bouncing" between two stereo tape decks, is a fantastic collection of country twangers, breathtaking singer-songwriter material, and bizarre tape cut-ups. With five songwriters in the band, what could have felt like another grab-bag student compilation instead feels like lost tapes of Emitt Rhodes hanging with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young while Faust producer Uwe Nettlebeck makes a guest appearance in the control room.

A1 Who's Gonna Help Me
A2 Old Bootstrap
A3 7 Deviations 
A4 Last Laugh
A5 Hoi' Polloi Peeks Out 
A6 Instead Boogie
A7 Satisfaction Guaranteed
B1 It's A Nice Day
B2 Devil's Song
B3 Sid Stoneman Gets Scale
B4 15 Miles To Mexico
B5 Stories
B6 I Used To Think