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I Put A Spell On You / Cryin'


I Put A Spell On You / Cryin'

Voodoo Rhythm Records

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Heart Attack Alley were a 3 piece from Auckland New Zealand born of a love of blues, an obsession with death, and an addiction to playing live. Deceptively simple, emotionally and sonically raw, and sporting tough, original songwriting, the combination of

Dr. Karl Steven's unstoppable "voodoo harmonica"
Kristal G's pulsating rhythm guitar,
Caoimhe Macfehin's unrestrained, immediate vocals

"In the two short years since they formed, Heart Attack Alley have played everywhere from street corners, dingy bars, and occupations to blues and alternative music festivals, as well as high profile and well received supports for Wanda Jackson and a sell out national tour with Kitty Daisy and Lewis. At home in Auckland, people jostle for a chance to watch them perform; Heart Attack Alley have become "the hottest ticket in town" (Volume Magazine). Now recorded their 1st 7" for Voodoo Rhythm Records.. with a Cover Version of Screamin Jay Hawkin's 'I Put A Spell On You' and their own 'Cryin'."

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