Year of Panic

Captured Tracks

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Hanoi Janes is the one-man project of Oliver Scharf from Sachsen, Germany. Armed with an 8-track recorder, one mic, and a stack of slightly degenerated pop nuggets, Scharf is a one-man parade, combining heavy hearted simplicity with sunny and naive bubblegum pop. “Hanoi Jane” refers to the nickname given to Jane Fonda in the 70s because of her anti-war stance on Vietnam. Hanoi Janes’ debut album, Year of Panic, was released by Captured Tracks in March 2010.

"Brooklyn's Captured Tracks unveils an excellent record from a one-man German band in the spirit of Vivian Girls and caUSE co-MOTION!" Pitchfork


1 The Boys Are Out
2 Crystal Veins
3 Bad Attitude
4 Beach Kids
5 Hey Julia
6 Summer Of Panic
7 Sag Sag Sag
1 Our Lives
2 Surfin' KMC
3 Good Bone
4 Casablanca
5 I Don't Mind
6 Can I Walk You Home
7 Always Gone
8 Past Lovers