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Grown Up, Fucked Up


Grown Up, Fucked Up

Goner Records

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2nd album of pure teenage attack from Jay Reatard, this time with Sean Albundy and Rich Crook playing guitar & drums, and recorded with Alicja Trout (Lost Sounds). For this reissue, Goner went back to the original DATs and tried to stay as close to the sound of the original lp as possible. The three incredible tracks from Empty's "Your So Lewd" 45 are included as well. Liner notes by Meghan Smith, Eric Friedl, and Zac Ives.

Put the needle down or push play on the cd player, and stand back.

From the opening chords of "Blew My Mind," you'll be hooked. Complete classic garage punk explosion, Memphis style.


1. Blew My Mind
2. Alls I Got is R-N-R
3. Sick When I See
4. Lick on My Leather
5. You'll See Me
6. Sat. Night Suicide
7. Heart of Chrome
8. No One Stands Me
9. Tonight It'll Come
10. Get Outta Our Way
11. Who Are You
12. All the Walls are Closing in
13. Miss You
14. Eat Your Heart Out
15. I Want Sex
16. I'm Gonna Break Down
17. Your So Lewd
18. She Will Always Be With Me
19. Busy Signal


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