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Hinde is the third release from Groeni, an atmospheric-electronic trio hailing from Wellington. The three-piece occupy a rather barren niche in the New Zealand music scene and have a noted reputation for hypnotic, immersive live performances. These quality performances, coupled with the exceptional production value of the group’s 2014 EP Hewn, have landed them a coveted timeslot at 2016’s St Jerome's Laneway Festival.

Groeni’s first two EPs were written by the group’s founder, Alexander Green. But since its inception, the project has expanded to include Wellington musicians Mike Isaacs and James Paul. Hinde is another step in the evolution of Groeni, with all three band members contributing to the EP’s composition. The shift towards a more collaborative process sees the deeply introspective tone of the first two EPs give way to a more free-flowing and distinctly approachable style of music.

Hinde grows with each listen and is ultimately a demonstration of the potential of Groeni, and their evolving, maturing sound. This type of quality New Zealand release demands attention.

RIYL: Electric Wire Hustle,  Four Tet, Julien Dyne




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