Red Tower

Grecco Romank

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Greek columns were considered art, they were considered architecture. GRECCO ROMANK, like the architects of old, knew this when they sheltered inside a farmhouse, and then a haunted school, to produce their breakout album, RED TOWER.

The hermetic group stuck stray scraps of paper to the walls. Then, idea-fragments became idea-threads, and strange sigils turned into songs. The results were bizarre: A waterboarding fetish? A parasite-riddled unionist? The raw material was dynamited and compounded, and then dynamited again, resulting in a maximal amount of shrapnel, a maximal amount of holes.

GRECCO ROMANK built upon the outsider dance foundations of Auckland’s underground fringe, on the reclaimed land that club-fugs STRESS CADET and gunk-punks DRAB DOO RIFFS & THE BLUE BLOODS had piledriven. GRECCO ROMANK was a hall’s worth of co-conspirators that included filmmaker Damian Golfinopoulos, classically trained singer Billie Fee, and former bus driver Mikey Sperring. Their shared musical grammar just happened to be one in which Snapper rhymed with the KLF, in which Negativland wrote all their own songs, and in which Vangelis tapes sold for $300 instead of $3. (Just as great cities come from great cultures, great bands are built on great bargain bins.


  1. Worm Regenerate
  2. Parnassus Van
  3. Leathery Coward
  4. Waterboard Me
  5. Get To Work
  6. Greek Fire
  7. Ordain
  8. Taking The Auspices
  9. Fungal Descent