Leathery Coward (Perfume)

Grecco Romank


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Hey? What’s that smell?

Before Greek columns were considered art, they were considered architecture. GRECCO ROMANK, like the architects of old, knew this when they sheltered inside a farmhouse, and then a haunted school, to produce their breakout album, RED TOWER

Leathery Coward is a multisensory experience - a perfume and an album rolled into one. Each sale includes a digital copy of the album. Buy the ticket, take the ride. For those who like to dispose of their income in intangibly tangible products.

It’s the album, as scent. Scentified and sanctified by the finest noses on our antipodean isles.

Designed by us. For us, but, also for you: The Grecco fan; fan of scent, sensualism and opulent decadence/decayed opulence.

Tobacco, sandalwood and leather combine in a heady reek of citric cowardice, to cut through the dancefloor like an egg-bound breakdancer: Leathery Coward.

Product Details

  • 15ml bottle. Bottle size is 80mm x 35mm x 18mm.