Infinite Life!

Flying Nun

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Infinite Life! is the fifth offering from Wellington musician Grayson Gilmour.Enveloping listeners in sultry layers of vocals, smooth strings and intricate off kilter rhythms, Infinite Life! combines warm pop songs with experimental beats, textures and weird loops.

Each order comes with a digital copy the album's handmade lyric zine, and you can also grab an LP and digital copy of the Infinite Re-Mix! release, or a limited edition 'Dancing Plague' T-Shirt.

Following his 2010 album No Constellation, Grayson receded to underground bank vaults and windy atticsto record, before whittling his ideas into the 13 tracks. All the while Gilmour was piecing together film scores, touring overseas with his band So So Modern and attending the Red Bull Music Academy. Recent singles, Lichtung + Minus Times Infinity (the video for which was selected for the BBC Music Video Festival) give a hint of an album filled with both immediately catchy melodies along with odd sounds.

And if that doesnt grab you, why not judge Gilmour on the company he keeps? Infinite Life! sees visual collaborations with NZ illustrator Henrietta Harris (artwork) and video director Jesse Taylor Smith (Pond, Autumn Splendour) and appearances from Claire Duncan (Dear Times Waste), cellist Charlie Davenport and drummer Reece McNaughten.

Artist: Grayson Gilmour
Title: Infinite Life!
Label: Flying Nun Records
Cat#: FN538
Year: 2014
Format: LP + Digital

Track List:
  1. Isn't This Exciting?
  2. Lemon Brain
  3. Tunnel Vision
  4. Lichtung
  5. A Constant Nothing
  6. Lockjaw Language
  7. Minus Times Infinity
  8. Silence & Youth
  9. Pareidolia
  10. 27
  11. Blind Carbon Copy
  12. But A Dot You Are
  13. Round Round Silver Bell Tree


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