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Free Will - Flying Out


Free Will

BGP Records

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"Gil Scott-Heron reinforces his position as Godfather of Rap on Free Will, an introspective and soulful album roughly the length of a demo tape. Police brutality, the consequences of violence and self-exploration make excellent arguments for his place in the canon of spoken word—not only because of his lyrical content and profundity, but because he was a master of delivery, even in his idealistic twenties.

Its also a fitting thirty-year-old album and ironic. At a time when civil liberties are increasingly challenged and police brutality continues to be a national issue, its haunting to listen to Scott-Herons anxiety and piercing indictments of what is meant to be a description of the past. The introspection at work here are vivid reminders of the journey of a people struggling with self-love and respect; a stark 12-track ode to freedom of mind and spirit that pulses under the skin with funky riffs." - Pop Matters

Artist:Gil Scott-Heron
Title:Free Will
Cat #: HIQLP 023
Label:BGP Records
Year: 2014
Format: LP

Track List:

  1. Free Will
  2. The Middle Of Your Day
  3. The Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues
  4. Speed Kills
  5. Did You Hear What They Said?
  6. The King Alfred Plan
  7. No Knock
  8. Wiggy
  9. Ain't No New Thing
  10. Billy Green Is Dead
  11. Sex Education: Ghetto Style
  12. ...And Then He Wrote Meditations



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