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Do What You Want - Flying Out


Do What You Want

Flying Nun Records


Garageland's second album was released in the band's home of New Zealand in 1999 by Flying Nun Records and in the U.S. in 2000 by Foodchain. It was recorded at Neil Finn's home studio in Auckland. Do What You Want has gone gold down under. "Love Song" is a psychedelic rocker that opens the album, as Wedding Present and James collide with Nirvana. Garageland has often been compared to Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson, and the reason can be heard on this track as it shifts between pop chords to grunge distortion and then slides a cello/xylophone arrangement under the rock rage. The dense production is like a strong bloody mary, where each of the flavors can be distinct but ultimately leaves you with a unified taste. Also similar to the Beach Boys' greatest masterpieces like Pet Sounds, the production always serves the greater cause of the pop melody. Never self-indulgent, Do What You Want rocks from start to finish and is a great sophomore album, perhaps better than Last Exit to Garageland. Some shoegazing, nerd-punk bands (like Weezer) would love to write a song as catchy and with as much to say as "Trashcans." The repetitive guitar chords and swirling melodies sound like the kind of anthemic ballad that tops the charts in Britain. - 4.5/5 Stars. All Music Guide‚

Title: Do What You want
Label:‚Flying Nun Records
Year: 1999
Cat #: FN423
Formats: Digital
Recorded: Sam Gibson at Roundhead

Band Members: Jeremy Eade, Andrew Gladstone, Andrew Claridge, Mark Silvey


    1. Love Song
    2. Trashcans
    3. You Will Never Cry Again
    4. Not Empty
    5. Kiss it All Goodbye
    6. Good Luck‚
    7. What You Gonna Do?
    8. Get Even
    9. Good Morning
    10. Burning Bridges
    11. Jean
    12. Middle of the Evening
    13. End of The Night

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