Fu30 Pt. 2

Vinyl 10" (Pink)

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The second instalment in Fu Manchu’s 30th Anniversary vinyl 10” series, Fu30, Pt.2, includes two new original Fu Manchu songs, as well as a cover of Surf Punks’ “My Wave.” Like the band’s most recent album, Clone Of The Universe, and Fu30, Pt. 1Fu30, Pt. 2 was recorded at The Racket Room in Santa Ana, California by Jim Monroe (Adolescents, Ignite) and co-produced with Fu Manchu. This limited edition 2500 unit run is pressed on pink neon vinyl at 45 RPM for maximum heaviness with a package design that pays homage to the cover of Surf Punk’s original single.


  1. Strange Plan
  2. Low Road
  3. My Wave

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