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Yes, Tāmaki Makaurau-based producers Fray Mysterio and Lemon Pepper have teamed up to round out 2020’s iteration New Zealand Music Month by concocting a tasty split release titled Halves On a Six Pack. The bite size release sees Fray Mysterio drink deep the recent efforts of Lemon Pepper’s varied exports, lighting sauté’ing electroclash banger (and 95bFM #1) ‘Back Heavy’ with a delectable, club-ready sprinkling of thudding sub-bass, adding zests of happy hardcore to the dark malt of techno anomaly ‘Punch Cones’ and rounding off the meal’s proceedings with a creamy, glitch / noise-inflected drum and bass iteration of Bulk Bogan’s as-yet-unreleased sludge metal / grindcore velvet cake ‘Minotaur’.

You can dig in to the tangy tracks and complex flavour profiles, alongside the original aural dishes via Bandcamp’s Pay What Thou Wilt initiative.

A big thank you to Jon Hardcastle (aka DJ 2FUK2) for use of the 3D modeller on his futuristic phone to create the cooked centrepiece of the cover art, as well as his zen-like hand modelling. A big thank you to economical beverages for the unwavering friendship throughout the years.