You Could Have It So Much Better (2021 Reissue)


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You Could Have It So Much Better is the hugely anticipated second album from Franz Ferdinand. After setting the world alight with their self titled debut album, the boys didn't hang around too long before getting started on the follow up. Recorded in scotland and new york the bands style has matured and developed. It blends the familiar art-indie influences - Josef K, Orange Juice, and The Fire Engines with an increasingly bold take on classic britpop songcraft - The Kinks and The Beatles. the songs are better, the playing is better and the production is better. The sound is still unmistakably Franz Ferdinand but they've tapped into something deeper and more resonant from the moving epic Walk Away to the stomp of first single Do You Want To. It's a bigger, bolder and without doubt better album.


Side A
1. The Fallen
2. Do You Want To
3. This Boy
4. Walk Away
5. Evil And A Heathen
6. You're The Reason I'm Leaving
7. Eleanor Put Your Boots On

Side B
1. Well That Was Easy
2. What You Meant
3. I'm Your Villain
4. You Could Have It So Much Better
5. Fade Together
6. Outsiders