Funky Was the State of Affairs

Hardly Art

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Welcome to the second album from the weird and wonderful Fergus & Geronimo. Funky Was the State of Affairs is a collection of alien landscapes and new futurists getting funky, getting together, and listening to Devo join Frank Zappa in a game of sardines or "Who's Line Is it Anyway?." Funky Was... is an album about paranoia, Roman Numerals, aliens, men and women of earth, and other things that I cannot really describe without the FBI coming after me. This LP was not made on a computer and the band is very proud of it's human qualities. Also this LP wins for art work of the year, MMXII.


1. Planet Earth Is Pregnant for the Fifth Time
2. No Parties
3. The Strange One Speaketh
4. Roman Tick
5. My Phone's Been Tapped, Baby
6. Roman Numerals/Wiretapping Muzak I
7. Spies
8. Earthling Men
9. The Uncanny Valley
10. Earthling Women
11. Drones
12. Wiretapping Muzak II
13. Off the Map
14. The Roman Stuff Is Where It's at
15. Marky Move
16. Funky Was the State of Affairs