Eccentric Soul: The Prix Label

Numero Group


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Three years we told the world about Columbus, Ohio’s secret soul history, Numero returned to the scene of the crime for further exploration. Victim: Clem Price and George Beter’s no-rep custom studio Harmonic Sounds and its Prix imprint. Built around a few stray boxes of demos, including Penny & the Quarters’ uplifting “You And Me”—as featured in the 2010 film Blue Valentine—the balance of this 19-song collection is filled out with thrilling, previously released material by northern souldiers Joe King and the Royal Esquires, funk workouts from O.F.S. Unlimited, Mitch Mitchell & Gene King, the Soul Ensemble, and Chip Willis, dark, brooding deep soul from Marion Black, and heartstopping, salvation-seeking soul by Eddie Ray. Dante Carfagna’s notes provide crucial insight into Prix’s place on the local scene, and the package is illustrated with dozens of photographs, label scans, and a discographical survey of this brief, but brilliant early ’70s label.

Eddie Ray Wait A Minute
OFS Unlimited Mystic
Mitch Mitchell-Gene King Never Walk Out On You
Joe King Speak On Up
The Royal Esquires Ain’t Gonna Run
Eddie Ray You Got Me
Chip Willis & Double Exposure I’m Gonna Gitcha
Mitch Mitchell-Gene King Can’t Get A Nuff
The Soul Ensemble Melon Jelly
Eddie Ray Glad I Found You
Marion Black Listen Black Brother
The Royal Esquires Our Love Used To Be
OFS Unlimited Mister Kidneys
Marion Black Come On And Gettit
Joe King You’re My Everything
Harmonic Sounds Band Untitled Studio Moves
Eddie Ray You Got Me (Demo)
Penny & The Quarters You And Me
Jay Robinson You Are Mine