Eccentric Soul: The Big Mack Label

Numero Group

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In Detroit's seemingly port-less ocean of soul, the Big Mack label was a busy island, afloat for an incredible 20 years without so much as the whiff of a hit on the wind. From soulful doo-wop to blistering garage funk, to left turns into sultry R&B and a quick dodge into budget Hendrix wailing above a steel drum break, Eccentric Soul: The Big Mack Label on LP compiles 10 ace double-siders produced by Ed McCoy during an extremely fruitful period for both Detroit and popular black music. For range, this fourth Numero foray into soul's eccentricities is tough to top: look no further than the one-two punch of Bob & Fred's string-laden "I'll Be On My Way," the twin-harmony pinnacle of Big Mack product, and Soul President's "Got to Have It," steeped in familiar James Brown moves, nods toward Haight Street hippies, and "psychedelic guitar."