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Seven Drummers - Flying Out


Seven Drummers

Flying Out


Never is the actual song sacrificed..I'm glad this band exists in all its willingness to buck trends and embrace music that is both out of time and timeless.
- Rení© Schaefer (Mess + Noise)

East Brunswick All Girls Choir (EBAGC): a band that takes a raw and gut-wrenchingly effortless blend of late 90s garage and distorted country/blues, with a nod to the art of getting down and dirty with songwriting. AndSeven Drummers is their highly anticipated debut LP - and for obvious reasons, it's not to be missed.

It has been a long road for EBAGC. Like many Melbourne-based bands, the project began as a solo venture, and developed through frontman Marcus Hobbstricking three people one morning into visiting an Abbotsford warehouse to jamwhere the first of the band's seven drummers to date was contracted. For Hobbs, the album is a transparent account of the various people, places, and incidents that have featured throughout the band's journey.

Seven Drummers affords us a healthy dose of EBAGC trademark, angst-drenched palette. No frills, no fuss, no unwarranted embellishment; it's a refreshing approach embodied wholeheartedly by the album. A homage to fellow noise-loving innovators The Birthday Party, The Drones, and My Disco.From opening trackWest Brunswickwhich drips with rich, down-stroke heavy guitars and bawling harmonica cameos, through to first single Dirty Bird- a typically twisted beast - to the spacious closing trackAeroflot, Seven Drummers is nothing short of a momentous collection of beautifully written, heavy-hearted songs are shaped perfectly by the experiences of their writers stories.

Artist: East Brunswick All Girls Choir
Title: Seven Drummers
Cat #: EBAGC001
Year: 2014
Format: 12" LP, CD + Digital

Track List:

  1. West Brunswick
  2. Mon Repos (Charlie's Jam)
  3. Dirty Bird
  4. Gold Ninne
  5. 14 Clay Gully Court
  6. Darius
  7. Red Top
  8. Aeroflot

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